Like mother like son

I've always had a passion for travelling and human relationships, especially with children overflowing with hope and joy regardless of the hand they are dealt.
I am currently teaching children, but would love to be invested in art and photography full time. Teaching others the therapeutic advantages of art as well as how to express their individuality.
I am a keen learner and love to try new things artistically and therefore I have a wide range of knowledge in a lot of different mediums. I would love to work with individuals to make their dreams a reality in expressing their artistic needs. 
I used to work as a nurse and loved to interact and help people on a daily basis. 
After my children left the house I started living my dream- painting on a daily basis.
We are a group of friends who come together on a weekly basis to experiment with art, techniques and connect with one another.
I've been painting full time for a couple of years now and can truly see the therapeutic effect art has in my life.
I hope you enjoy my God-given talent, since I enjoy creating art and giving back to the community. 

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